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US to DN [Pre-Game] Empty US to DN [Pre-Game]

Post by unhingedSurgeon on Sat Jul 28, 2012 2:24 am

-- depravedNetworker [DN] began pestering unhingedSurgeon [US] --
DN: Fairyboy
DN: erm girl
US: Oh dear, it seems to be this particular individual once more.
US: (not exactly, hello DN)
DN: hey US
DN: How's being French going for you?
DN: Surrender any good loot?
US: Well, while I do use French sparsely in mixed conversation, I am not actually French
DN: Yeah sure
US: And as for the loot surrendering, the only thing that has been surrendered here has been your sexual purity to the entire eastern hemisphere.
US: As well as your mother's
DN: Hey Hey
US: As you children say it, you have been snapped
US: I think.
DN: I have a strict no family policy
DN: Bitch you 17
US: Ignoring the blatant use of profanity in the presence of a lady, I will have you know that I speak in a manner that is most condusive to a young a lady and most befitting of a soon-to-be-woman of class and style.
US: Or, so says my nurse.
DN: Your nurse is not very bright
DN: Thats why he's a nurse and not a doctor

US: Well, it's not a nurse in the modern sense dearest DN.
US: Nor is she a male.

DN: You mean a Nursemaid?
DN: Like in fantasy novels?

US: Er, well, I have read sparsely within the fantasy genre, but I believe you are thinking along the right lines.
DN: Fantastic, this proves you're French
DN: You use Nursemaid to describe a babysitter

US: She is most certainly not a babysitter!
DN: Your Frenchness does not decieve me
US: Such a laymans term for all the work that my maid performs!
DN: Does she care for you?
DN: Not romantically
DN: I mean like feed you and stuff

US: She is a lady of class and dignity that provides the necessary schooling and care befitting a young lady. She acts as a surrogate mother more than a 'baby-sitter'.
DN: So a babysitter
DN: actually
DN: It's more of a tutor

US: Which, as an added counter to your assumption, I would like to point out that I am not a "baby"
DN: You're not 18
US: Yes, a tutor would be a more befitting title, though not a complete one.
DN: therefore a baby
US: Hush now!
DN: Mr. BLT is also a baby
US: pardon? BLT?
DN: binding Lettuce Tempest
US: Oh my, how clever
DN: PCP is not a baby on the other hand
DN: on the other hand, is not a baby*
DN: Gotta make sure I have proper grammar in front of a "lady"

US: Oh my, how considerate
DN: Blah
US: Oh yes, blah
US: (How riveting it is to speak like the vapid young folk. Teehee)
US: (How colloquial)
US: Oh yes, nonsense and all that
US: tee hee


US: Is this another one of your pranks I'm so fond of?
DN: What are you talking about?
DN: Give me one example of a prank
DN: That I've done for you
DN: to*

US: Oh my, how splendid. It seems I'm the one that's got you trapped in one of these games of mental mixery
US: As you have often done so before, you have put me in one of these jams of mental wordplay where you present me with random nonsense and I am left to decipher it while you revel in the fact that you have successfully raked my brain.


-- depravedNetworker [DN] ceased pestering unhingedSurgeon [US] --
US: Oh dear, I was just off tending to the tea kettle :[
-- unhingedSurgeon [US] ceased pestering depravedNetworker [DN] --

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