Memo #1 (From US's Point of View)

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Memo #1 (From US's Point of View) Empty Memo #1 (From US's Point of View)

Post by unhingedSurgeon on Sat Jul 28, 2012 11:06 pm

CUS RIGHT NOW opened memo on board MEMOS.
CURRENT depravedNetworker [CDN] RIGHT NOW responded to memo.
CDN: So what's going down?
CURRENT propituousCourier [CPC] RIGHT NOW responded to memo.
CPC: ok. beta passes for SBURB. in or out?
CDN: in
CUS: In. I suppose.
CURRENT bindingTempest [CBT] RIGHT NOW responded to memo.
CBT: >-=-=-<I-=-think I'll mine soon-=-so-=-in>-=-=-<
CPC: What?
CBT: >-=-=-<get mine*-=-=-<
CDN: This CUS sounds like a bitch
CUS: Pardon?
CURRENT skylarkNoise [CSN] RIGHT NOW responded to memo.
CSN: i'll play but it'll take forever to download
CDN: Us sounds like a bitch.
CSN: ^pot calling the kettle a bitch
CUS: I must say that that is most uncalled for
CUS: That is not of much help :/

CPC: ok. good everyone's in. I'll ask DI and some others if they want to join and we'll be set.
CDN: Aw what doubleteamed
CBT: >-=-=-<SO-=-um-=-what exactly is SBURB about-=-still don't really get it>-=-=-<
CDN: Does DI have to play? He's kind of a jerk
CDN: Says the pot about the kettle but fuck it

CSN: ^pot calling the kettle a pot 'cause he wants to be a kettle
CUS: Well Monsieur DN, aren't you on the bitter side?
CDN: Oh god, shes being French again
CPC: I dunno. been under wraps for a long while. I dont doubt someone will write a guide when they get on the game.
CBT: >-=-=-<ah-=-ok>-=-=-<
CUS: Est-ce un problème monsieur?
CPC: oh boy. I'll start passing around your codes individually. so hold on a sec
CBT: >-=-=-<SO-=-what else is there to say?>-=-=-<
CDN: Oui c'est un problème
CSN: btw, homestuck's season finale's coming up
CBT: >-=-=-<is this memo gonna-=-degenerate into people hating on each other-=-and shit?>-=-=-<
CSN: you never know. it could become the opposite as well
CUS: I am not going to initiate any form of banter with any of my companions.
CDN: You just did
CDN: Liar

CUS: Besides, it is most unclear what this whole sburb game is all about
CUS: (Clearly ignoring DN because he is being a lout)

CDN: Buhh
CDN: Buhh
CDN: Bitch

CUS: I have heard close to little on this game. It is just that some of you have mentioned it and it has piqued my interest
CPC: anyway. i'll close down this memo too much too keep up with right now
banned CPC from responding to memo.
CBT: >-=-=-<I guess-=-we'll just learn as we play-=-and yeah>-=-=-<
CDN: Later bitches
CDN: Raph out

CBT: >-=-=-<ah-=-well then-=- good-bye>-=-=-<
CUS: Oh my, it seems everyone has absconded.
CSN: pfft
CUS: Fair enough then, I shall follow suit.
CSN: im still here
CUS: Oh, well, how particularly rude of my person.
CSN: yup
CBT: >-=-=-<AND FRANKLY-=-i think it would be better if dI plays-=-rather than dN>-=-=-<
CSN: mad rude
CDN ceased responding to memo.
CBT: >-=-=-<well-=-good bye-=-again-=-i guess-=-=-<
CBT ceased responding to memo.
CSN: never leave the memo!
CSN: sink with the ship!

CUS: My sincerest apologies to you monsieur SN!
CSN: well, i appreciate you calling me sir and all that but you're only a year younger than me
CUS: True. But it is of utmoust social importance to maintain even the slightest form of respect towards the elders.
CUS: No matter how "elder" they may be.

CSN: alright, time to jump ship. EVERY WO/MAN FOR HIM/HERSELF!
CUS: Taddybye then!
ceased responding to memo.

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