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Post by unhingedSurgeon on Sat Jul 28, 2012 11:20 pm

-- propitiousCourier [PC] began pestering unhingedSurgeon [US] at 23:30 --
US: Oh me oh my. How unexpected of you to initiate a conversation!
US: Where are my manners, please do settle down in the drawing room just up ahead

PC: Is this some sort of weird roleplay
US: Why yes, it is. It is a friendly game of make believe in which the fact that you are starting a conversation with me is a metaphorical parallel to you being a guest in my abode
PC: Alright, ma'am. Thanks for the warm welcome.
US: Not at all sir! More than invited are you on such a lovely occasion
PC: It is a special day after all.
US: :O
US: And why is that?

PC: Because, I have gained access to such a splendid event. only few will go and I have been able to get all of my friends to go.
US: My sincerest apologies in advance, but would it trouble you too much to elaborate a tad on what it is exactly that I am getting in to?
PC: I am not too sure on the details myself, i hear it is to be the event of the season. be sure i will tell you first thing when new information appears.
US: The event of the season? That sounds quite grandiose as it seems. And I would be very much obliged to you if you were to provide any current information on our little "outing"
US: You are most helpful

PC: I try ma'am.
US: Well as it is, I'm afraid I'm going to have to be taking my leave. My lessons are starting soon and I am most certain my nurse would be vapid if I were to be tardy!
PC: Later then. keep safe
-- propituousCourier [PC] ceased pestering unhingedSurgeon [US] at 23:50 --

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