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DN to BLT Empty DN to BLT

Post by depravedNetworker on Sat Jul 28, 2012 1:51 am

-- depravedNetworker [DN] began pestering bindingTempest [BT] --
DN: Stop fucking around and listen
BT: >-=-=-<Oh-=-hi-=-=-<
BT: >-=-=-<what do you want>-=-=-<
DN: Nothing really
DN: How about a chatr
DN: chat*
DN: No?
BT: >-=-=-<Okay-=-i guess-=-=-<
DN: Excellent
BT: >-=-=-<about what exactly?>-=-=-<
DN: How Minerva is totally macking on me
BT: >-=-=-<Is she-=-she seems nice-=- and-=-=-<
BT: >-=-=-<you're a prick-=-so-=-=-<
DN: Exactly
DN: Chicks dig Pricks
DN: It even rhymes
BT: >-=-=-<yeah-=-sure>-=-=-<
DN: I knew you'd agree
DN: You chainy bastard
BT: >-=-=-<actually-=-in retrospect-=-she seems like a bitch as well>-=-=-<
DN: If she's a bitch then I'm a gentleman
DN: Bitches dig Gentlemen
BT: >-=-=-<No-=-you ARE A PIECE OF SHIT PRICK-=-99% of the time-=-=-<
BT: >-=-=-<IT'S a-=-UNIVERSAL CONSTANT>-=-=-<
DN: But that 1% makes all the difference
DN: Total prick
DN: Then bringing it up with some sensitive convo
DN: smooth
BT: >-=-=-<1% make a difference i guess-=-=-<
DN: Like a pebble
BT: >-=-=-<that 1%-=-that MISTAKE-=-resulted in YOu>-=-=-<
DN: Hey man
DN: The eastern hemisphere bitches don't mind me
DN: Neither does Minnie
BT: >-=-=-<Well-=-do as you will then>-=-=-<
DN: Is the storm mad?
DN: Perhaps he has set his interests on a certain French lady?
DN: eh
DN: eh
BT: >-=-=-<nah-=-like i said-=-she's an upstuck bitch>-=-=-<
DN: Oh please
DN: You're a masochist
DN: you like it
BT: >-=-=-<A Sadist-=-i could understand that>-=-=-<
BT: >-=-=-<but a masochist?>-=-=-<
DN: Yeah
DN: You're a masochist
DN: you like the feel of the whip
DN: Raph out
DN: Later
-- depravedNetworker [DN] ceased pestering bindingTempest [BT] --
-- bindingTempest [BT] began pestering depravedNetworker [DN] --
BT: >-=-=-<Pain is good-=-whats the fun of taking down pray-=-if it doesn't trash and fight back-=-you're bound to get hurt-=-and it's fine>-=-=-<
-- depravedNetworker [DN] ceased pestering bindingTempest [BT] --

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