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Post by skylarkNoise on Mon Aug 13, 2012 12:55 am

GABRIEL EINSTEIN, also known as propitiousCourier [PC], just moved into the garage and is ready to play the GAME OF THE YEAR, SBURB. He decides to pester others to see if their ready. He pesters skylarkNoise [SN], unhingedSurgeon [US], depravedNetworker [DN], and bindingTempest [BT]. SN tells Gabriel that he still needs to finish downloading the game. Gabriel’s disappoint but finds out that US finished downloading the game. However, she needs to get some affairs in order before she begins. DN and BT were both ready for action. While Gabriel waits for US, he unpacks a little and goes to take a bath. While in the bath, wonderWalrus [WW] tries to speak with him. When Gabriel gets back from the bath, he gets in contact with US and she asks about the meaning of client and server players before starting the game.

“Back in time”, MINERVA HARRISON [US] was busy wondering around her room when she got pestered by Gabriel [PC] concerning her readiness to play the game. She says she need to get some affairs in order, which include: cleaning her room, getting her books in order, taking note of her nurse’s status, and writing her will. After getting these things done, she runs SBURB and runs across a problem, specifically, whether to run server or client. After talking it over with Gabriel, she becomes Gabriel SERVER to his CLIENT.

RAPHAEL WINFIELD [DN], whose suffers from having a POS laptop, gets pestered by Gabriel about his status on the game. He says he’s ready and Gabriel tells him to stands by. In the meantime, he explores his SCRIBBLENAUTS fetch modus, his yarn, his family, and his anger. He then decides to pester detestableIntellectual [DI] and finds out she never got a code to install SBURB from Gabriel. Both Raphael and DI speak to Gabriel about the issue and DI gets a code to download the game. Raphael gets hungry and goes downstairs to grab a bite to eat, which results in a strife with his parents. After spending a few minutes upstairs in his room, he walks his dog and, upon returning, notices his parents aren’t home. He proceeds to go onto his mother’s computer, where SBURB is installed.

DEMETRI TIBERIUS [BT] introduces himself with an in-depth explanation of his philosophy and anger. He makes his way to the game room but is delayed by his dog, GINGER, gnawing at a figurine. He proceeds to the game room to play MMOs when he gets pestered by Gabriel concerning his status with SBURB. Gabriel tells Demetri to be ready. Demetri looks over to his server and client CDs and proceeds to try to play some MOBA. Then he get’s pestered by DI and they discuss how much Demetri’s off his rocker. Then Demetri speaks with DI's dog, Scrappy, also known as ravenousCanine [RC]. Demetri gets a bit hungry and grabs a bite to eat. Then, when he gets to his computer, he’s pesters WW. In this conversation, they discuss SBURB. After that, he proceeds to play that MOBA. Then he goes to sleep in a tree which gets struck by lightning and explodes. After patching himself up, he pesters Minerva to warn her not to waste time while playing SBURB. He then gets an intense headache and pesters SN about gut feelings.

After ELLIOTT MITCHELL [SN] answered Gabriel, he started the download. He proceeded to review his hobbies until he fell asleep. His Dream-self woke up on Prospit but Elliott only saw a few visions before waking up in his room. Upon waking up, he pestered Minerva about potential advances from DI and proceeded to get pestered by gingeredCoelacanth [GC].

FELICIA THEREMIN [DI] was about to go to a coffee shop when her laptop started running out of juice. She decided to stay in and pestered Demetri. She then gets pestered by Raphael.

SCARLET BRADFURD [GC] lives by the sea is is a space case. She pesters Elliott, who tells her to speak with Minerva about SBURB. After contemplating surfboards and staircases, she pesters Minerva. Through this exchange, Minerva tells her that she’ll get a code from Gabriel for her.

As Minerva and Gabriel start the game, Minerva is astonished both by the game itself and Gabriel's lack of clothes. Of course, she was left unaware that it was Gabriel for some time. On Gabriel’s end, he pesters Minerva about how the game was going and decides not to tell her that who she saw was him. Instead, he sends her a GameFAQ he found and Minerva deduces that the almost-naked man on her screen was Gabriel. As Gabriel goes and gets clothed, Minerva looks around his house, putting down a CRUXTRUDER outside. Gabriel goes to see it and opens it up. A strange orb (the kernelsprite) pops out and with a little more effort on the wheel the “key” comes out as well. On his way back to his room, he continues to read the GameFAQ. Then he gets pestered by Raphael about SBURB and Felicia’s lack of a code or it. Gabriel sends her a code and wraps up his conversation with Raphael. In the meantime, Minerva starts mulling over her thoughts of Gabriel when she sees the kernalsprite pop out. She’s about ready to freak out when Elliot pesters her about potential sloppy makeouts with Felicia. She then proceeds to get pestered by Felicia herself, and then by Demetri about not wasting time by fucking around. Gabriel then pesters Minerva for a status update and the discuss where to put from of the game’s contraptions. When Gabriel gets to his old room, he decides to prototype his stepdad’s stag head trophy.
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