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Post by skylarkNoise on Wed Jul 25, 2012 2:08 pm

Naming convention : [first name] 7 characters [last name] 8 characters
Kelly - Gabriel Einstein (propitiousCourier) #4ABA17
Manuel - Elliott Mitchell (skylarkNoise) #868764
Kevin - Minerva Harrison (unhingedSurgeon) #218868
Matias - Felicia Theremin (detestableIntellectual) #5250C1
Danny - Raphael Winfield (depravedNetworker) darkred
Jorge - Charles Bukowski (wonderWalrus) #ffc0cb
Barahona - Demetri Tiberius (bindingTempest) #007676
Miguel - Ellwood Branskew (enrapturingRomantic) #3A3FCF
Cassia - Alexius Geneleaf (descantCreature) #FF8C00
Fatima - Scarlet Bradfurd (gingeredCoelacanth) #003b00 #c44323
Manuel - ??? (comptonCityg) #5A5C6E

Fetch modi:
PC - Satchel (holds a limited number of captchalogue cards {up to 5}, but can be accessed freely), Messenger (captchalogued items are sent to a predetermined recipient, the card is given in the process)
SN -
US -Encyclopedia
DI -
DN - Scribblenauts (2 settings Input and Output. Input, allows items to be input into the modus up to a max of _____. Output, retrieves item stored into modus. If incorrect released a ghost card. Difficult to use because it requires a stylus and the touch screen blows.)
WW - Queue
BT - Chain
ER - digital root (Every vowel is a 2, every consonant is a 1, y is 0 because fuck it. It adds them all up and then takes the digital root and assigns the item to that card)
DC -
GC - net modus. It's a very handy tool given to you for your 16th birthday a month before. You love the damn thing. It keeps things nice and dry when you go swimming (however the hell that worked) and was pretty fucking spacious. Only problem was the fact that it dropped anything smaller than 5 inches right back out.

Strife specibi:
US - knifekind
DN - bladekind
PC - branchkind
SN - trophykind
DI - dogkind
WW - ???kind
BT - chainkind
ER - bookkind
DC - skilletkind(?)
GC -

PC - Page of Time
SN - Heir of Space
US– Seer of Life
DI - Sylph of Void
DN - Prince of Doom
WW - Mage of Rage
BT - Knight of Breath
DC - Witch of Blood
ER - Thief of Heart
GC - Rogue of Light

Chain of Entry (still subject to change -PC):
DC,WW (pending)

Derse: Gabriel, Demitri, Charles, Felicia, Scarlet
Prospit: Elliott, Minerva, Raphael, Ellwood, Alexius

Land of:
Gabriel - Soot and Growth (LOSAG)
Raphael - Steel and Zombies (LOSAZ)
Demetri - Canopies and Steam (LOCAS)
Minerva - Colors and Fungi (LOCAF)
Elliott - Puzzles and Frogs (LOPAF)
Scarlet - Stairs and Anglers
Felicia - Projectors and Projections (LOPAP)

Fraymotifs: [NONE]
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